HMP in Gland will put life back into the engine of your old competition car.

Because we have numerous spare parts in stock, the majority of which are no longer being produced, you will be able to revive your authentic racing car!

Do you wish to repair the engine of your old Cosworth or BMW F2?

HMP can supply the parts and advice necessary for this task!

Engine parts for exceptional cars at HMP!

Heini Mader will tell you about the part you need and will send it to you anywhere in Europe. It is also possible to come and collect it direct from our stock in Gland.


At HMP in Gland you will find the parts required for the repair of vintage competition car engines.

For more than 50 years, Heini Mader, founder of HMP, has had a real passion for competition car engines. In his workshop in the 1980s, he and his team developed an engine that won the "24-hour race at Le Mans". His track record moreover earned him global fame, and his advice is valued by all aficionados of old racing cars.

Competition engine spare parts - HMP - GlandAfter all these years, Heini Mader has preserved a very large quantity of engine spare parts for vintage competition cars, notably for Cosworth and BMW F2, as well as LOLA chassis parts.

Nowadays, these parts are few and far between since they are no longer produced. Thanks to HMP, you will be able to bring your car back to life again with new components - but equally thanks to the valued advice of Mr Mader. You can order the parts you need direct by contacting us. Your order will then be delivered or you can choose to come and collect it in Gland, from HMP's stock.