HMP in Gland will put life back into the engine of your old competition car.

Because we have numerous spare parts in stock, the majority of which are no longer being produced, you will be able to revive your authentic racing car!

Do you wish to repair the engine of your old Cosworth or BMW F2?

HMP can supply the parts and advice necessary for this task!

Engine parts for exceptional cars at HMP!

Heini Mader will tell you about the part you need and will send it to you anywhere in Europe. It is also possible to come and collect it direct from our stock in Gland.

Spare engine parts

HMP in Gland offers engine spare parts for old Cosworths and BMW F2 cars as well as for a LOLA chassis.

BMW, Cosworth or Ford engines - HMP - GlandI am passionate about competition cars and have dedicated my entire career to them. As the result of numerous years in repair workshops, I have preserved a large quantity of spare parts for all types of engines –  more than 2,500 to be precise.

Some makes, such as CosworthBMW F2 or even LOLA, had an impact on the history of motor sport events. Enthusiasts wishing to make this type of car roadworthy again, or simply wishing to repair an engine from one of these vehicles, often do not know where to find the missing parts they need. Indeed, components for an engine of this kind are generally no longer produced nowadays, and only the existing stock is still available.

At HMP in Gland, you will definitely find the parts you need. I can also advise you about the choice of engine component or how to go about repairing it.

BMW, Cosworth and Ford engine parts - HMP - GlandEngine part for old competition car - HMP - Gland

Spare parts are sent everywhere in Europe by commercial carriers, but you can also come and collect them direct from stock in Gland.

So do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry or for technical information.

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